Shuttles Command Center: Unable to Create Rides

Troubleshooting for - can't create ride, can't enter address, address not recognized - in the Command Center of the Shuttles Platform.

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How Creating a Ride Works

When an administrator or dispatcher creates a ride in the Command Center, most fields on the ride form must be completed for the user to be able to create the ride. For the pick-up address or drop-off address specifically, the user has to type and then select an address from the resulting dropdown in order to be able to create the ride. This verifies that it is a valid address in Google Maps, which Quickride uses.


  • The pick-up or drop-off address shows the error message “Please enter a valid address.”

  • The pick-up or drop-off address isn’t shown in the dropdown.

Typical Causes

  • The Command Center has been open as an idle tab/window for a while.

  • The address was not selected from the dropdown and instead was manually typed or copy and pasted into the field.

  • The address has inaccuracies or typos and therefore isn’t appearing in the dropdown.

  • The address is new and not yet verified in Google Maps.

  • The address is a place that can’t be added to Google Maps, most often specific locations within military installations, non-public government buildings, and private roads.

How to Troubleshoot

Try, in this order:

1. Refresh Internet Browser

Refresh the internet browser the Command Center is on. After refreshing, click Create Ride and in the new ride form, try typing the address again. When the correct address appears in the dropdown, select it.

2. Double Check the Address

Confirm the address with the customer. Try typing the address again, paying attention to spelling. When the correct address appears in the dropdown, select it.

3. Search for Address in Google Maps and Report Missing Address

Open Google Maps in a separate tab and type the address there. If the address isn’t recognized, it can be reported to Google so that it is added in the future. To proceed with creating the ride in the Command Center, type the closest address to the customer’s unrecognized address and select it from the dropdown. Type any additional location instructions in the notes field.

After creating the ride, report the missing address to Google.

How to Report An Address to Google Via the Command Center

1. Click Report a Map Error in the bottom right corner of the Map.

2. In Google Maps, select Missing Place.

3. Complete the Add a Place form and click Send to submit it to Google.

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