How Notifications Work

When specialists are logged into their Specialist App they receive push notifications along with sounds when they are assigned a new job for the current day or an existing job changes (e.g. time changes, additional job details added).

How Specialist App notifications appear and sound depends on the mobile phone make and model and how the phone’s notification settings are configured.


  • Not getting notifications for new jobs or job changes.

  • Notifications are delayed, i.e. appear well after the new job has been assigned or the existing job has been changed.

  • The visual notifications are coming in as expected, but the sound / audio component cannot be heard.

Typical Causes

  • The mobile phone has a poor internet connection or no internet at all.

  • The notification settings for the Specialist App and/or the mobile phone are configured incorrectly or turned off. This includes when phone manufacturer updates, such as operating system updates, require a confirmation or reconfiguration of previously configured app settings.

  • The mobile phone is in a do not disturb mode.

  • The mobile phone is in a data saver/ low data mode.

  • The mobile phone’s volume is turned down to a low level or is turned off.

  • The mobile phone is on silent or muted.

  • In rare cases, the mobile phone being connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth causes the Specialist App’s audio to clash with the vehicle’s audio. Therefore, if notification or sound issues occur, it is recommended to keep Bluetooth turned off while using the Specialist App.

  • In even rarer cases, the mobile phone’s speakers have been damaged.

How to Troubleshoot

Disclaimer: These are general steps for checking and configuring phone settings as the specific steps vary by phone make and model. If needed, consult your phone manufacturer’s help pages, manuals, etc. for the specific steps for your mobile phone.

! Important: The Specialist App is labelled Quickride Driver in Android’s Google Play store and iPhone’s App Store.

Try, in this order:

1. Check Phone’s Internet Connection

Open the internet browser or the Google Maps app on the phone. Type something and see if it gives a result. If not, check the phone’s settings and make sure:

  • Cellular data is turned on

  • WiFi is turned off*

  • Airplane mode is turned off

*Sometimes WiFi signals aren’t strong enough to support a stable internet connection or regularly disconnect from the phone as the specialist leaves the station. Therefore, using the phone’s cellular data instead is recommended.

2. Check Specialist App Notification Settings

Open Settings on the phone. Search for Quickride Driver and tap on it. Look at Notifications and make sure:

  • Notifications are turned on/ allowed

  • All available notification types are allowed (e.g. badges, banners, etc.)

  • Notification sounds are on

3. Check Phone’s Notification Settings

Open Settings on the phone. Search for Notifications and tap on it. Make sure all options, except do not disturb, are turned on (e.g. previews, actions, etc.).

4. Make Sure Do Not Disturb Is Turned Off

Open Settings on the phone. Search for Do Not Disturb and tap on it. Make sure Do Not Disturb is turned off.

5. Make Sure Data Saver/ Low Data Mode Is Turned Off

Open Settings on the phone. Search for Data Saver (on Android) or Low Data Mode (on iPhone) and tap on it. Make sure it is turned off.

6. Check the Phone’s Volume Level

Use the phone’s volume buttons to turn the volume all the way up. Alternatively, open Settings on the phone. Search for Sounds and tap on it. Check and adjust the phone’s volume from there.

7. Make Sure the Phone Is Not on Silent or Mute

Make sure the phone’s Silent/ Mute switch is off. Alternatively, open Settings on the phone. Search for Sounds and tap on it. Check and adjust the phone’s silent/ mute mode from there.

8. Turn Off Phone’s Bluetooth

Open Settings on the phone. Search for Bluetooth and tap on it.

  • Turn Bluetooth off.

  • Delete the history of Bluetooth devices the phone has previously connected to to prevent future automatic pairing with a vehicle.

9. Check/ Test Phone’s Speakers

Open the internet browser or a music or video app, such as YouTube, on the phone. Search for an audio or video file. Play it and check if the sound can be clearly heard.

10. Restart the Phone

Log out of the Specialist App. Restart the phone.

11. Uninstall and Reinstall Specialist App

Important: This should only be done if all other steps have been tried and have not fixed the issue.

Uninstall/ delete the Specialist App. Then reinstall it. When logging in to the Specialist App for the first time after the reinstall, allow notifications and the highest location settings.

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