The Passenger will get several SMS or alerts when a ride request gets created. The Passenger App will ensure that they are aware of the shuttle's progress. Each of these messages can be customized to tailor fit your dealership. These are the instances that they will receive messages.

  1. When the ride gets created for your customer, and you are sending them the passenger app link.
  2. When the shuttle has arrived to pick up your customer.
  3. If a customer cancels their shuttle ride.
  4. When the driver starts driving to your customer.
  5. When your customer has been dropped off at their FINAL destination.
  6. When your customer has been dropped off at a destination but is expected to return to your dealership that same day

If the customer decides to opt-out from receiving messages, they can do so by replying "Stop." But, if they select "Stop," it means that they will no longer receive any messages in the future. They will need to text in "start" to 12136748013 if they wish to opt back in.

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