What the Passenger App Is

The Passenger App of the Quickride Shuttles platform is a web-based application where customers can view the real-time status of their shuttle rides and create their own shuttle rides.

How Customers Get Access to Create their Own Ride

When customers get an outbound ride, a ride from the station to another location, and the driver completes the ride in the Driver App, customers get a text/ SMS message with a link to create their own ride back to the station. If customers lose or delete this text/ SMS message, a scheduler can send another link by creating a set by passenger ride in the Command Center. Customers click on the link and the Passenger App opens on whatever default internet browser they have installed on their smartphone. They do not need to download anything to access the app.

How Customers Create A Ride

Notes on Creating Rides

  • The Passenger App link never expires.

  • The Passenger App only allows customers to create a ride to or from the station, i.e. the starting point or ending point of the ride must be the station.

  • Customers create rides when they need them and the Passenger App gives them an ETA that shows them a real-time estimate of when the shuttle will be able to pick them up. Customers cannot pre-schedule rides for a specific pickup time.

  • If customers want a ride for a specific pickup time, they should contact the station so a dispatcher can create a future ride for them in the Command Center.

How Customers Create a Ride

  1. Taps on the ride link in their text message

  2. On the Passenger App welcome screen, taps Let’s Go

  3. Taps Allow to allow Quickride to access their current location

  4. Confirms the location the phone has detected as their pick-up or drop-off location
    Types an address or business name for their pickup or drop-off location

  5. Selects the address or business name from the dropdown

  6. Drags the pin on the map to the exact location they need to be picked up or dropped off at

  7. Enters or confirms their name, the total number of passengers riding, and mobile phone number

  8. Taps Schedule ride

The ride is created and customers are taken to the ride status screen.

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