To schedule a job, click on Create Job button to launch the form.  

To understand how to complete the form, refer to the details below:

  • The Customer Name, this needs to contain the Customer's first and last name. The name entered in the system is what will show up in the Specialist's driver app. 
  • When entering the Customer Number, make sure to put it correctly as this will help the Specialist get in touch with the Customer. 
  • The notes section of the form will contain the job details of the appointment. The notes section is a free form section that will give the Specialist information about the job. 
  • The Job Date is when the actual job is needed. The date can be for the current day, or it can also be for a future date. 
  • The Start time is the appointment time. The End time is the estimated time for when the appointment can get completed. 
  • The Location is the address of where the job will be. 
  • When the appointment is submitted, this will be assigned to a Specialist automatically. In cases where there are multiple Specialist and the Job needs a specific person to complete the job, the appointment can be reassigned to another Specialist. 

Review: Before creating a job, know that once a job is created, it can't be deleted. Be sure to review all the information before submitting it.

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