How Creating Rides from Existing Rides Works

When an administrator or dispatcher creates a ride in the Command Center or a customer creates a ride in the Passenger App, the ride is added to the Command Center Ride List. Administrators and dispatchers can create the reverse ride for the customer using the options of Schedule a Ride Back or Schedule a Ride Out on the customer’s ride listing flyout.

Schedule a Ride Back vs. Schedule a Ride Out

Schedule a Ride Back and Schedule a Ride Out do the same thing; they both open a ride form pre-populated with most of the original ride’s information* and the original pickup and drop-off addresses reversed. The difference between the two is a labeling difference depending on whether the original ride was an inbound or outbound ride.

Schedule a Ride Back appears on the ride flyout when the original ride was an outbound ride, a ride going out from the station to another location.

Schedule a Ride Out appears on the ride flyout when the original ride was an inbound ride, a ride coming in to the station from another location.

*All information from the original ride, except the notes, pre-populates the ride form.

How to Create Rides from Existing Rides

Before using this option, note:

  • It is recommended to scroll through or filter scheduled and in progress rides on the Ride List to make sure that another dispatcher or the customer did not already create the reverse ride.

  • Double check the ride information with the customer, especially to confirm the addresses that they need to be picked up from and dropped off at.

  • The ride form defaults to the Now ride type but this can be changed to a Future ride or Set by Passenger ride.

How to Create / Schedule a Reverse Ride for a Customer:

  1. Locate the customer’s ride listing on the Ride List.

  2. Click on the ride listing to open the ride detail flyout.

  3. Click Schedule a Ride Out or Schedule a Ride Back on the top of the ride flyout.

  4. Review the ride information and confirm it, especially addresses, with the customer.

  5. Add any notes and make any other edits, as needed.

  6. Click Create Ride.

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