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Jobs Command Center: Creating Jobs from Existing Jobs
Jobs Command Center: Creating Jobs from Existing Jobs

How to create a new job from an existing job in the Command Center of the Job Platform.

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How Creating Jobs from Existing Jobs Works

When an administrator, dispatcher, or scheduler creates a job in the Command Center the job is added to the Command Center Job List and Calendar. Administrators, dispatchers, and schedulers can create a new job using the original job’s information by clicking Duplicate Job on the customer’s job listing. Duplicate Job opens a new job form pre-populated with most of the original job’s information.*

*All information from the original job, except the job date, start time, and end time, pre-populates the job form.

How to Create Jobs from Existing Jobs

Before using this option, note:

  • It is recommended to scroll through or filter scheduled and in progress jobs on the Job List and Calendar to make sure that another dispatcher or scheduler did not already create the duplicate job.

  • Double check the job information with the customer, especially to confirm the address that the job will take place at.

  • The job form defaults to assigning the job to the specialist who completed the original job. Edit this assignment as necessary.

How to Create / Schedule a New Job for a Customer:

  1. Locate the customer’s job listing on the Job List or Calendar.

  2. Click on the job listing to open the edit job form.

  3. Click Duplicate Job at the bottom of the edit job form.

  4. Review the job information and confirm it, especially the job details and address, with the customer.

  5. Make any edits as needed, including the specialist assignment.

  6. Click Create Job.

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