Command Center: Login/ Password Issue

Troubleshooting for - error logging in, forgot station ID/ username/ password - in the Command Center of the Jobs and Shuttles Platforms.

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How User Logins Work

Admin users create user accounts/ logins in the Command Center of the Shuttles Platform or Jobs Platform for their team members to access either the Command Center or the Driver App / Specialist App.

To log in, users enter:

  • Station ID: A four-digit number shared by everyone at the station

  • Username: Unique to each user

  • Password: Assigned to each user

Admin users can view and edit all parts of their own and their team members’ user accounts/ logins in the Command Center. Regular Command Center users can reset their passwords for their own accounts.


  • The Command Center homepage shows the error message “There was an error logging in, please try again” when a user clicks the Login button.

Typical Causes

  • The user is entering the incorrect station ID, username, and/or password.

  • The user’s login has been mistakenly disabled by an admin user.

How to Troubleshoot

Try, in this order:

1. Reset Your Password

Important: The reset password process works for users who have a valid email address that they can access on their Quickride user account. Also, because the Forgot Password option is located on the Command Center homepage, it works best for Command Center users. Driver App/ Specialist App users should use these troubleshooting steps for login issues.

Click Forgot Password on the Command Center homepage.

Steps in the forgot password flow:

  1. User enters their station ID and username.

  2. User receives an email with a link to reset their password.

  3. User clicks on the link and gets a form where they type their new password and confirm it.

  4. User gets a confirmation and a link to login to the Command Center with the new password.

2. Ask An Admin User to Check The Login

Ask an admin user at the station to check the login. Admin users are typically the managers and coordinators for the company. They will be able to check that the user account is enabled and change username, password, and/or email, as necessary.

3. Contact Quickride Customer Service

Contact Quickride Customer Service for any issues with the reset password process or if an admin user is unable or unavailable to assist with checking the login.

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