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Shuttles Platform - Command Center Issues
Shuttles Command Center: Shuttle Visibility Issues
Shuttles Command Center: Shuttle Visibility Issues

Troubleshooting for - shuttle not visible, blinking, stuck, or not updating, speed frozen - in the Command Center of the Shuttles Platform.

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How Shuttle Visibility in Command Center Works

When drivers are logged into their Driver App they are shown on the Command Center Map as color-coded shuttle icons. The mobile phone the Driver App is installed on sends its location real-time to update the Command Center Map.


On the Command Center Map, when drivers are logged into their Driver App:

  • Shuttle icon(s) are showing at the incorrect location.

  • Shuttle icon(s) are stuck/frozen at a previous location.

  • The shuttle speed(s) are stuck/frozen.

  • Shuttle icon(s) are blinking in one or more locations.

  • The driving routes are showing, but the shuttle icon(s) are not showing.

  • Shuttle icon(s) are not showing at all.

Typical Causes

Important: Most of the time, shuttle visibility issues are caused by incorrect settings or issues with the mobile phone the Driver App is installed on. When the mobile phone is unable to send its current location to the Command Center, the shuttle icon remains at the last known location or disappears.

  • The Command Center has been open as an idle tab/window for a while.

  • The Driver App is not in the foreground of the mobile phone.

  • The mobile phone has been locked or turned off.

  • The mobile phone has a poor internet connection or no internet at all.

  • The location settings for the Driver App and/or the mobile phone are configured incorrectly or turned off. This includes when phone manufacturer updates, such as operating system updates, require a confirmation or reconfiguration of previously configured app settings.

  • In rare cases, the mobile phone being connected to the shuttle vehicle via Bluetooth causes the Driver App’s navigation system to clash with the vehicle’s navigation system. Therefore, if visibility issues occur, it is recommended to keep Bluetooth turned off while using the Driver App.

How to Troubleshoot

Disclaimer: These are general steps for checking and configuring phone settings as the specific steps vary by phone make and model. If needed, consult your phone manufacturer’s help pages, manuals, etc. for the specific steps for your mobile phone.

Try, in this order:

1. Logout of the Driver App

Before performing the troubleshooting steps, make sure that the driver logs out of the Driver App.

2. Check Phone’s Internet Connection

Open the internet browser or the Google Maps app on the phone. Type something and see if it gives a result. If not, check the phone’s settings and make sure:

  • Cellular data is turned ON

  • WiFi is turned OFF

  • Airplane mode is turned OFF

*Sometimes WiFi signals aren’t strong enough to support a stable internet connection or regularly disconnect from the phone as the driver leaves the station. Therefore, using the phone’s cellular data instead is recommended.

3. Turn Off Phone’s Bluetooth

Open Settings on the phone. Search for Bluetooth and tap on it.

  • Turn Bluetooth OFF.

  • Delete the history of Bluetooth devices the phone has previously connected to prevent future automatic pairing with a shuttle vehicle.

4. Make Sure Phone’s Location Services are Turned On

Open Settings on the phone. Search for Location and tap on it. Make sure that location access is allowed at the highest possible level.

5. Android Devices - Check Driver App Location, Data Settings, and Clear Cache

Open Settings on the phone. Search for Quickride Driver App from the Apps list and tap on it.

  • Look at Location or Permissions and make sure Location / Location Services is turned on. Once you’ve done so, simply hit the "back" button and continue to the next step.

  • Look at Cellular Data, Mobile Data, or Data Usage and make sure that the use of cellular data, background data, and/or unrestricted data is allowed. Once you’ve done so, simply hit the "back" button and continue to the next step.

  • Clear Driver App Cache (On Android phones only) - Tap Storage. Tap Clear Cache.

6. iOS Devices - Check for a software update.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update. The screen displays the currently installed version of iOS and whether or not an update is available.

7. Restart the Phone

Log out of the Driver App. Restart the phone.

8. Uninstall and Reinstall Driver App

Important: This should only be done if all other steps have been tried and have not fixed the issue.

Uninstall/ delete the Driver App. Then reinstall it. When logging in to the Driver App for the first time after the reinstall, allow notifications and the highest location settings.

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