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Shuttles Platform - Passenger App Issues
Passenger App: Location Wrong or Not Recognized or Not Working
Passenger App: Location Wrong or Not Recognized or Not Working

Troubleshooting for - address customer enters not recognized, location wrong/can't be pinned - in the Passenger App of the Shuttles Platform

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How Passenger App Finds Customer Location

When customers open the Passenger App on their mobile phones, it asks for permission to use their location. If the customer taps “allow”, the Passenger App uses their mobile phone’s location to pinpoint the pickup address for their shuttle ride. It then shows and tracks their location relative to the shuttle’s location on the Ride Status screen. If the customer taps “don’t allow”, they can manually type their pick-up or drop-off address instead.


  • The location or address entered is not recognized.

  • The location or address recognized is wrong, i.e. is far from the customer’s actual location or inputted address.

  • The customer cannot pin the specific location on the map.

Typical Causes

  • The mobile phone has a poor internet connection or has temporarily lost internet.

  • The address has typos and therefore isn’t appearing in the dropdown.

  • The address is new and not yet verified in Google Maps.

  • The address is a place that can’t be added to Google Maps, most often specific locations within military installations, non-public government buildings, and private roads.

How to Troubleshoot

Customers should try, in this order:

1. Customer Checks Their Phone’s Internet Connection

The customer opens the internet browser on their phone. The customer types something and sees if it gives a result and how quickly, i.e. if it is slow to give a result.

2. Customer Double Checks the Address

The customer types the address again, paying attention to spelling. When the correct address appears in the dropdown, they select it.

3. Customer Searches for Address in Google Maps

The customer opens Google Maps via the app or in the internet browser on their phone. They type the address there. If the address isn’t recognized, they can report it to Google at a later time so it is added in the future. If the address is recognized, the customer types it exactly as it appears in Google Maps in the Passenger App.

4. Customer Contacts the Station

If the address is not recognized in Google Maps, the customer should contact the station. The station can create the ride for the customer in the Command Center by typing the closest address to the customer’s unrecognized address and adding any additional location instructions as notes for the driver to see in their Driver App. The customer is also able to select an address that is closest to their unrecognized address in the Passenger App, but they are not able to type notes.

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