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Jobs Platform: Getting Started (Trial)
Jobs Platform: Getting Started (Trial)

For Quickride trial clients - How to complete account setup and take training before using the Jobs Platform with your customers.

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What Is and Who Completes Account Setup and Training

“Account Setup” is a series of steps that ensures the company has the hardware and software necessary to use the Quickride Jobs Platform and that the platform is configured correctly for the company’s process. The company’s admin user(s) completes the account setup.

Training is self-service. All company employees who will use Quickride should complete the appropriate training based on their user group.

Once all account setup steps and trainings have been completed, the company can start using Quickride with their customers.

Account Setup

Admin users:

  1. Get Software and Hardware – Use this Getting Started checklist to make sure that your company has all the necessary software and hardware.

  2. Define Station Settings – In the Command Center in Station Settings, check that General and Hours tabs are completed correctly, making any edits as necessary.

  3. Add Users – In the Command Center in Users, create individual user accounts for each employee who needs to access the Command Center or Specialist App and/or invite employees to create their accounts themselves.

  4. Check SMS Templates – In the Command Center in SMS Templates, review the message descriptions and content. Edit any templates as necessary so that each message’s wording works for your process.

  5. Share User Logins with Team – Once users are created, email each employee your company’s Station ID, and the Usernames and Passwords you created for them. Note: Any employee that created their own user account via invite will receive their login information in an automatic email.


  1. In-Command Center Training for Schedulers – Schedulers have a 10-minute step-by-step training pop up when they log in to the Command Center for the first time. This training is also available to admin users to access (and to schedulers to re-access) from the welcome message linked in the Command Center help icon.

  2. In-App Video for Specialists – Specialists have a 5-minute video when they log. in to the Specialist App. This video is also available to specialists to re-access. here.

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