How Shuttle Visibility in Command Center Works

When drivers are logged into their Driver App they are shown on the Command Center Map as color-coded shuttle icons. The mobile phone the Driver App is installed on sends its location real-time to update the Command Center Map.


On the Command Center Map, the driver is seen as if its logged in the driver app and receiving ride updates. However, on the Driver App, it shows that

  • No rides are waiting.

  • The driver is unable to login the driver app and receiving this error message to resolve.

  • When the driver tried logging in, they see that the shuttle color is LOCKED to their name.

  • Restarting the phone or resetting the password, does not resolve the issue.

Typical Causes

Important: Most of the time, the Driver App gets disconnected because the mobile phone's internet connection is unstable, causing it to disconnect from the command center platform.

  • WIFI should be turned OFF at all times. Sometimes WiFi signals aren’t strong enough to support a stable internet connection or regularly disconnect from the phone as the driver leaves the station. Therefore, using the phone’s cellular data instead is recommended.

  • Check Cellular data and make sure that the phone has not reached the data cap on its subscription. If the data plan on the device is shared among multiple users, check the allocated plan and ensure that the device has not exceeded its allocation.

How to Troubleshoot

Disclaimer: These are general steps for checking and configuring phone settings as the specific steps vary by phone make and model. If needed, consult your phone manufacturer’s help pages, manuals, etc. for the specific steps for your mobile phone.

Try, in this order:

1. In the Command Center, manually log the driver out.

Follow these steps for the Driver App:

1. Check Phone’s Internet Connection

Open the internet browser or the Google Maps app on the phone. Type something and see if it gives a result. If not, check the phone’s settings and make sure:

  • Cellular data is turned ON

  • WiFi is turned OFF

  • Airplane mode is turned OFF

2 . Android Devices - Data Settings, and Clear Cache

Open Settings on the phone. Search for Quickride Driver App from the Apps list and tap on it.

  • Look at Cellular Data, Mobile Data, or Data Usage and make sure that the use of cellular data, background data, and/or unrestricted data is allowed. Once you’ve done so, simply hit the "back" button and continue to the next step.

  • Clear Driver App Cache (On Android phones only) - Tap Storage. Tap Clear Cache.

3. Restart the Phone

Log out of the Driver App. Restart the phone.

4. Log back in the Driver App - select the SAME shuttle color the driver was previously logged in so that the driver will receive all previously assigned rides.

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