In order to create a ride, in the command center. Follow these steps:

  1. From your internet browser, type On the log-in page, enter your Station ID, Username and Password,  click LOGIN and you will get directed to the Command Center page. 

2. In Command Center, click on Create New Ride and a pop-up menu will appear, The When option is set on default which is Now

3. Complete the Create a Ride form.

Passenger Name -  put in the Customer or Passenger First for identification as this information will also get displayed in the driver app. Also, consider your local state privacy laws when putting in customers' first and last name. 

Phone Number -  correct phone number plus area code should be put in the system to ensure that in case they need to get in touch with each another that they will be able to reach the right person. Customer's phone number is what we also use to send automated messages to inform the customer about ride status

Pick-up - This is where the passenger will be picked up from, if the pick-up point is the dealership, click the Station button and the dealers' address will auto-populate. For other addresses, when you start typing the address, it will be on a red font. It is essential that the address that you select comes from the auto-populated option from a drop-down list.  

Drop-off - This is the address where the passenger will be dropped off. Just begin typing the address and select from the auto-populated list the correct address. Once completed the miles/distance from the dealership will be automatically computed and shown in the command center. 

Notes - this provides an option to include a short description of the customer/passenger for easy identification. It can also include other passenger information, the number of passengers, or additional address information like landmarks. Please note that information in the notes section might be visible in the passenger app as well. 

Reference Number - this enables the Dealers to use their internal reference number for tracking & documentation. 

Under Warranty - this helps Dealers mark customer's shuttle request if covered by warranty or not for reimbursement purposes. 

** Tick if the customer covered and leave blank if the customer is outside warranty. 

4. Once a Driver gets assigned to the take the trip, under Driver, it will change from Assigning to the Driver Name. On the map, it will change to Waiting. Please note that "Waiting" doesn't mean that the customer is on the shuttle, it just means that it's already scheduled. Once the passenger is on board, it will change to en route if the passenger is in transit to its preferred destination. 

5. In case that there is information that needs to be updated or added, that can be done by just going to the assigned trip and updating the information. 

6. If the trip request needs to get canceled, go to the bottom part of the ride flyout and click Cancel. That will immediately end the trip request. Only the Service Advisor and Passenger can cancel a ride. Shuttle Drivers cannot cancel a ride; they can mark it as complete. 

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