Customer App: Job Status

How customers see their job status in the Customer App of the Jobs Platform.

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What the Customer App Is

The Customer App of the Quickride Jobs platform is a web-based application where customers can view the real-time status of their jobs.

How Customers Access the Customer App

Customers get access to the Customer App via a link in an initial text/ SMS message that is automatically sent when their job is scheduled in the Command Center. They receive the link again in an additional text/ SMS message that is sent when the specialist starts driving to their location. Customers click on the link and the Customer App opens on whatever default internet browser they have installed on their smartphone. They do not need to download anything to access the app.

How to Read the Customer App

On the Job Status screen, customers see:

  1. Station icon: The company’s name or logo marks the station’s main address on the map.

  2. Job location: The map marker indicates where the job location is and contains the customer’s name, the job date, and the job start time.

  3. Vehicle icon: A vehicle icon appears on the map when the specialist starts driving to the job location.

  4. Center button: Puts the job location and specialist vehicle in view.

  5. Status message: A color-coded status message that corresponds to the job’s status describes where in the process the job is.

  6. Specialist photo: The photo that is on the specialist’s user record shows here. If there is no photo on the user record, a smiling face emoji shows as the placeholder.

  7. Specialist name: The specialist’s name.

  8. Contact button: Option to call the specialist.

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