Passenger App: Link Missing/ Not Working

Troubleshooting for - Passenger App link in texts doesn't open or gives customer an error, link missing in texts - in the Shuttles Platform.

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How Customers Access the Passenger App

Customers get access to the Passenger App via a link in an initial text/ SMS message that is automatically sent when their ride is created. They receive the link again in additional texts/ SMS messages that are sent when the shuttle starts driving to pick them up and when the shuttle arrives at their pickup location. Customers click on the link and the Passenger App opens on whatever default internet browser they have installed on their smartphone. They do not need to download anything to access the app.


  • The link to the Passenger App is broken/ split across multiple text/ SMS messages.

  • The link to the Passenger App is missing from the text/ SMS messages.

Typical Cause

  • The customer’s mobile service provider has split one text/SMS message into multiple texts/SMSes due to message character limits (typically 140 to 160 characters) causing the link to be split over several texts/SMSes and unusable.

How to Troubleshoot

Important: Although Quickride, nor the station, nor customers can control how mobile service providers process texts/SMSes, the station can shorten or rearrange the wording of the default texts. Shortening the content will make it less likely the texts are split. Rearranging the content will make it more likely that if texts are split, the Passenger App link will not be split/broken.

Try all of the following, in this order:

1. Shorten the Company Name in Station Settings

An admin user goes to Station Settings in the Command Center and shortens the company’s name. For example, abbreviate instead of spelling out manufacturer names (e.g. “CDJR” instead of “Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep & Ram”) and remove or abbreviate prepositions (e.g. “Quickride Toyota Los Angeles” instead of “Quickride Toyota of Los Angeles”).

2. Shorten the Wording in SMS Templates

An admin user goes to SMS Templates in the Command Center and edits the wording of each SMS template so that it’s shorter.

An admin user goes to SMS Templates in the Command Center and edits each of the SMS templates that contains the Passenger App link so that the link is at the start of the message instead of the end and the edited wording makes sense.

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