Shuttles Command Center: Ride Not Assigned

Troubleshooting for - ride not assigned to a driver, driver says assigning - in the Command Center of the Shuttles Platform.

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How Ride Assignment Works

The Quickride algorithm automatically assigns rides that are created in the Command Center or the Passenger App to active drivers, drivers that are logged into their Driver App, based on various factors.


  • A ride listing in the Command Center Ride List is stuck as “Assigning” in the driver column.

  • A ride marker on the Command Center Map says “Unassigned”.

Typical Causes

  • The ride was created before any drivers logged into their Driver App.

  • The total number of passengers entered for the ride is greater than the seat capacity of any shuttle.

How to Troubleshoot

Try, in this order:

1. Verify a Driver Is Logged In

Check the Driver Key on the bottom left corner of the Command Center Map to verify that at least one driver is logged into their Driver App. Any rides that were unassigned due to no drivers being logged in will automatically be assigned within a few seconds of a driver logging into their Driver App.

2. Compare the Ride’s Passenger Count to Shuttle Capacity

Click on the ride listing that says “assigning” in the Command Center Ride List. On the ride flyout, check the ride’s passenger count. On the Driver Key in the bottom right corner of the Command Center Map, check each shuttle’s capacity, which is the number of seats available for passengers. If the ride’s passenger count is greater than the shuttles’ seat capacity, the ride will not be assigned because the shuttles do not physically have the seats available for a party of that size.

3. Correct the Ride’s Passenger Count or Reassign the Ride

If the ride’s passenger count is incorrect, cancel the ride and create a new ride with the correct passenger count. Passenger count is one of the factors that the algorithm uses, so it should be correct for the ride to be assigned to the most efficient shuttle. If the ride’s passenger count is correct, but the drivers have incorrectly entered their shuttle seat capacity to be lower than it actually is, reassign the ride and go to the next troubleshooting step.

4. Make Sure Drivers Enter Correct Shuttle Capacity

Shuttle seat capacity is defined by the drivers when they log in to their Driver App. Drivers should log out of and then log back into their Driver App to correct their shuttle capacity.

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