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Shuttles Platform - Driver App Issues
Driver App: Ride List Not Updating Automatically
Driver App: Ride List Not Updating Automatically

Troubleshooting for - rides appear slowly, manual refresh needed to see new rides or changes - in the Driver App of the Shuttles Platform.

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How Rides Appear in the Driver App

When rides are created in the Command Center or the Passenger App the Quickride algorithm assigns the ride to a driver logged into their Driver App. The ride automatically appears in the assigned driver’s Driver App Ride List within seconds.


  • Rides are appearing several minutes after they are created.

  • The driver has to manually refresh the Driver App by dragging down and releasing on the Ride List in order to see the new rides or ride changes.

Typical Causes

  • The mobile phone has a poor internet connection or has temporarily lost internet.

  • The mobile phone is in a data saver/ low data mode.

How to Troubleshoot

Disclaimer: These are general steps for checking and configuring phone settings as the specific steps vary by phone make and model. If needed, consult your phone manufacturer’s help pages, manuals, etc. for the specific steps for your mobile phone.

Try, in this order:

1. Check Phone’s Internet Connection

Open the internet browser or the Google Maps app on the phone. Type something and see if it gives a result and how quickly, i.e. if it is slow to give a result.

2. Make Sure Data Saver/ Low Data Mode Is Turned Off

Open Settings on the phone. Search for Data Saver (on Android) or Low Data Mode (on iPhone) and tap on it. Make sure it is turned off. If company policy requires the use of Data Saver (on Android), go to the next troubleshooting step.

3. Allow Driver App to Use Background Data (On Android phones only)

Open Settings on the phone. Search for Quickride Driver and tap on it. Look at Data Usage and make sure:

  • Background Data is turned on

  • Unrestricted Data Usage/ Allow App While Data Saver On is turned on

4. Log Out and Log Back In To Driver App

5. Restart the Phone

Log out of the Driver App. Restart the phone.

6. Uninstall and Reinstall Driver App

Important: This should only be done if all other steps have been tried and have not fixed the issue.

Uninstall/ delete the Driver App. Then reinstall it. When logging in to the Driver App for the first time after the reinstall, allow notifications and the highest location settings.

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