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Command Center - Features & Controls
Shuttles Command Center: Features and Controls
Shuttles Command Center: Features and Controls

Overview of the features and controls in the Command Center of the Shuttles Platform.

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What the Shuttles Command Center Is

The Command Center of the Quickride Shuttles platform is where company users create shuttle rides for customers as well as monitor the shuttles and the rides.

Shuttles Tab

The Shuttles tab is the default view when logging into the Command Center and includes these features and controls:

1. Create Ride: Opens a ride form to create a ride for a customer.

2. Ride List: All rides that are scheduled, in progress, completed and cancelled with - the customer name, the date and time the ride was created or scheduled for, the

name of the dispatcher or administrator who created the ride, the ride status, and

the name of the assigned driver (driver name shows only for rides in the Waiting.

and En Route statuses or pre-assigned rides). The Ride List is organized in reverse. chronological order with the most recently created or scheduled ride at the top.

3. Filter Job button: Option to filter the Ride List.

4. Station icon: The company’s name or logo marks the station’s main address on the


5. Shuttle icon(s): Color-coded icon for each active driver, drivers that are logged into their Driver App. Inactive drivers, drivers that are not logged into their Driver App, are not shown.

6. Driver Key: Additional details about each active driver. From left to right:

  • Color the driver selected when logging into their Driver App

  • The driver’s name

  • Current speed that the driver is driving at

  • Number of passengers on the shuttle relative to number of seats available for passengers

  • Number of passengers waiting to be picked up

  • The driver’s estimated time of arrival (ETA) back to the station. Shows:

* ‘At station’ when the driver is at the station

* ‘-’ when the driver is driving away from the station or not using the Navigation

screen in their Driver App to get directions to drive back to the station

* ‘Time’ the driver is estimated to arrive at the station when the driver is using the

Navigation screen in their Driver App to get directions to drive back to the


  • Option to log the driver out of their Driver App (Note: Drivers should log themselves out and this should be used as a backup measure only).

7. Average Pickup Time Key: The average time, in minutes, that the driver(s) have

taken to pick up customers. This key is visible when at least one ride has been.

completed within the past 6 hours. Shows:

  • In: Average pickup time for inbound rides, rides coming in from other locations to the station.

  • Out: Average pickup time for outbound rides, rides starting at the station and going out to other locations.

8. Map markers: The locations of scheduled and in progress rides with their

corresponding ride statuses. The map markers are color-coded by the color of the shuttle each ride is assigned to.

9. Traffic button: Displays real-time traffic, powered by Google Maps, on the map.

10. Center button: Centers the view of the map around the station, map markers, and shuttles’ current locations.

11. Zoom in button: Changes the view of the map to be closer, e.g. a street-level view.

12. Zoom out button: Changes the view of the map to be farther out, e.g. a.

neighborhood or city view.

13. Help icon: Area to chat with Quickride customer support or search help articles.

Settings Tab

The Settings tab has additional features and controls. The features visible depend on the level of access the user has to the Command Center. All users see:

  • Insights Dashboard: Metrics about the company’s use of the platform

  • Ride Report: Report on completed and cancelled rides

  • Tutorials: Link to training and customer support resources

  • FAQ: Link to help article database

  • Logout: Option to log out of the Command Center

Admin users additionally see:

  • Message of the Day: Option to share a daily message with Command Center users

  • SMS Templates: Controls customer-facing texts/ SMS messages

  • Station Settings: Controls team- and customer-facing elements of the Command Center, Driver App, and Passenger App

  • Users: Option to view, add/ create, edit, and disable users

  • Addresses: Option to enter and save multiple locations for use in the Command Center, Driver App, and Passenger App

  • Reviews*: Displays customer reviews of shuttle rides

*If the station has reviews turned off, this won’t be visible

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